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SAAC Action is the official newsletter of the Indiana Region Shelby American Automobile Club.  The newsletter is printed in the late spring, recapping the Shelby Spring Fling, and again in the late Winter as we prepare for the upcoming Fling.  The Spring issue also contains the traditional registration form.  Subsequent issues in the summer or winter may be printed from time to time if content warrants.


Online, color versions have been archived and some are available dating back to August of 2001, utilizing the links on this page.  If you would like to receive the newsletter via mail at the time of printing, please visit the MEMBERSHIP page and join INSAAC today!  *Please note that back issues are not kept on hand.


SAAC Action is the clubs official newsletter, and as paying members that means it is YOUR newsletter.  The Editor is always in need of your input.  Whether you want to have your car and story featured, or just want to have a brief “Meet our Members” story printed—we need to hear from you.  That goes for input on Spotlight Vehicles as well as any Shelby related events that you attended.  Take some pictures and tell us a story!  Members love to read about what is going on across the region!


Submit your input by using the club email link below or by emailing Jason Smith at sowaxeman@jdsaleen.com

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SAAC Action

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Indiana SAAC

Indiana SAAC is a non-profit, regional organization of the Shelby American Automobile Club—dedicated to the preservation, care, history and enjoyment of the cars from Shelby America.