Past Stangs HeaderText Box: My passion for the Ford Mustang began in 1987, when I bought my first car at the age of 16.  My dad was working for GM, and I was on the prowl for a Camaro or a Trans Am.  However my dad knew a used car guy, and introduced me to this little ole’ Mercury Capri.  It didn’t strike me as much at the time, but he felt it was a great first car for the money.  Kind of funny, my dad who worked for GM is responsible for my obsession with Ford!

The car was a 1982 Mercury Capri RS, with the famed 5.0 HO motor and a SROD 4 spd tranny—definitely enough for any 16 year old to get in trouble with!  The Capri back then was a sister car to the Mustang.  It was Red & Gold Tu-Tone, and it didn’t take me long to find a nice set of TRX wheels and a rear 3-piece spoiler to have the car looking darn near like its Mustang GT counterpart.  It was a fun car, and darn near landed me with “Best Car” honors in my senior class...but at least I lost to another Mustang!  

Talk about one that got away—would love to have this car in the garage today.  I sold it to a buddy in 1991, and I did manage to buy it back in 1995.  From there I did a complete tan to grey conversion of the interior—complete with 1985/6 GT Sport Seats.  I had hoped to keep it as a 2nd car, but just getting started in adulthood I just couldn’t swing so the car was sold off in 1997—and last I heard it was chopped up and turned into a drag car.
Text Box: Towards the end of my senior year in high school, I sold the Capri to a buddy and bought a 1985 GT T-Topper in Medium Canyon Red with tan interior.   It had been freshly re-painted, sans the GT hood decal.   It had 60k miles, was in fantastic condition and even had a 1986 true-dual exhaust system.  What a fun car—and one that became a “dream car” to find later in my life.

I drove the car for my first three years of college.  But when gas prices started to escalate, I made the decision to sell the car and get into a Ford EXP for the gas mileage.  A fun car in its own right, but nothing near the high horsepower and torque of the 5.0.  That phase lasted about a year, when I decided to sell the EXP to my step-brother and buy the Capri back.   Of course as you have already read—that stint only lasted a couple years. 

Unfortunately I wasn’t much of a camera person back in the early 90’s, so I only have a couple pictures to remember that Canyon Red beauty by...complete with my mullet wearing, punk-ass behind the wheel!
Text Box: By now in my life I had settled into a good job, but had been without a ‘Stang in my garage for over two years.  And to top if off my roommate at the time had a 1989 LX 5.0 so that just added to the urge.  I began looking, and quickly found a 1993 LX 5.0 for sale with  only 38k miles.  Other than some typical bug/rock chips on the front of the hood, the car was perfect.  It was Electric Red with grey cloth interior, and of course a T-5 tranny.  

One snowy day I was rear ended on the interstate with minimal damage.  But that did allow me to replace the entire exhaust system with a complete Mac off-road system that really woke the car up!  Next up I joined Shades Of Wrong and got my first of two Labrador Retrievers.  No dogs in my car, and the Axeman’s gear just was not going to be crammed into a Mustang, so I made the painful decision to sell the car for a Ford Explorer.  And now for the kicker…two weeks later I was given a company truck!  I quickly called the guy to beg for it back, but it was too late as he had already tubbed the car for drag duty.  DAMN the luck!

The 1993 LX 5.0 is one of my favorite cars, and one I hope to add to the stable some day.  Seeing today’s prices, I still kick myself over this car :-(
Text Box: After the ‘93 LX was gone, I spent the next 7+ years of my life without a Mustang, riding around in various company vehicles.  I swore to myself I would someday land that pristine, low mile ‘82 or ‘85 (of which I had been chasing two different cars since the late 80’s and mid 90’s) and cherish it for life.  I had even considered buying one brand new and pampering it for life—I knew several people that had done that with Fox Mustangs, so figured why not?

When the 2005 S-197 Mustang was released, I had decided the time was now.  I wanted the new body style, and I wanted the first year model.  And to top it off my, my favorite color (Mineral Grey) was being re-introduced!  You can click on over to MY STANGS to learn all about my 2005 Saleen S-281 #92.

Many of my Mustang friends had come to know my obsession with the 1985 GT, and in 2006 a friend sent me a link to an ebay auction in northern Illinois.  It was a 1985 GT Convertible in Medium Canyon Red/Lower Charcoal, was a 5 spd car and only had 36k miles on it.  A little higher than the other two cars I was chasing, but a very nice car indeed.  After several years of searching I had come to the realization that an ultra low mile Fox was not going to be had for less than a premium.  

After several talks with the owner (he was the dealer, took the car in on trade from owner #2) I hit the Bid button and ended up winning the auction.  I loaded up the trailer and headed to the outskirts of Chicago.  I fully inspected the car for about an hour and found most of the tell-tale hints that the car was indeed an original, 36k miler.  The deal was done and I was happy as hell to be heading home, finally with an ‘85 GT to add to the stable.  

The car needed a few things to be MCA show ready, and I spent the winter of 2006 taking care of said items.  It rode on incorrect 16” Pony rims but I quickly acquired a set of correct 15” factory 10-holes.  I spend a lot of time sanding and polishing out the face & centers, and found a nice set of used Goodyear Eagle GT II’s to finish off the rolling stock. 

It had an MSD ignition module with upgraded plug wires & cap that just looked out of place.  So I kept my eyes peeled and eventually landed a NOS Ford Motorcraft Duraspark module, and I found a set of factory replacement Ford Motorcraft plug wires.  They looked totally original, just missing the 1985 date code.  After that the only thing under the hood to convert back to stock was the Energizer battery—which I was able to score a correct BXL-56A from a local Motorcraft Distributor.

The door panels had speakers cut into them as most people tend to do with these cars.  Within a few months I had removed the panels and taken them to Kent’s Auto Upholstery to have the holes filled in and the lower carpet recovered.  While not 100% NOS correct to some Fox enthusiasts, they turned out VERY nice!

The aftermarket radio was also quickly replaced with a NOS 1985 AM/FM Radio (non-digital as originally built), and the 3.5” speakers in the dash (fully deteriorated) were replaced with a set from Pioneer.  Silly me didn’t even realize the back quarters had stock speakers hiding in the carpet, so I road around for 3 years to the sweet sound of hi-range speakers only!

Now 2009, I had landed my first Dream Fox (1982 GT) and my stable was pretty much full with three ‘Stangs.  I had no plans to add a fourth, so when the owner of my other Dream Fox called, I knew something had to give.  Fortunately a good friend of mine was interested in my car, and he and his wife were able to make the deal on purchasing my ‘85 GT Vert.

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